Does CVS Sell Stamps?

CVS, a widely recognized pharmacy chain, provides more than just medications and health products. They offer a convenient service for those looking to meet their postal needs; CVS pharmacies sell postage stamps. Customers interested in purchasing stamps can find them available at all CVS locations. This makes it easy to grab a booklet of stamps while picking up prescriptions or shopping for household items, simplifying the task of mailing letters or packages.

The process of buying stamps at CVS is straightforward. Stamps are typically sold in booklets or rolls, giving customers the option to buy in bulk. This is particularly advantageous for those who frequently send mail or want to avoid multiple trips to purchase more stamps. CVS has maintained a selection that often includes Forever Stamps, which remain valid for first-class postage regardless of price changes. As a retail outlet for USPS products, CVS ensures that stamps are sold at the same price as the post office, guaranteeing customers do not pay a premium for the convenience.

Apart from physical locations, customers can also choose to purchase stamps from CVS through online platforms, offering an even greater level of convenience. Ensuring access to postage without the need to visit a physical store caters to the modern consumer’s preference for online shopping. Whether in person or online, CVS aims to provide a hassle-free postage solution for everyone.

Availability at CVS

CVS offers a convenient option for customers looking to purchase postage stamps, providing a variety of stamps suitable for different mailing needs.

Types of Stamps Available

CVS carries diverse types of stamps, primarily focusing on Forever stamps, which retain their value indefinitely, allowing customers to use them for first-class one-ounce letters at any time, regardless of future postage rate changes. They typically sell these in the form of a booklet, which contains multiple stamps, providing a stock that lasts for an extended period.

Store Locations and Hours

Customers can locate a CVS store that sells stamps using the CVS store locator on their website. Most CVS locations operate on weekends, which is convenient for those who may need to buy stamps outside of regular weekday hours. It is important to note that while store hours may vary, they generally maintain extended hours, offering greater flexibility for stamp purchases.

Purchase Process

Purchasing stamps at CVS is a straightforward process. Customers can easily locate stamps and proceed to checkout with multiple payment options available.

How to Find Stamps in Store

To buy stamps at CVS, customers can use the store locator to find the nearest CVS location. Once in the store, stamps are typically found in the Postal Services section, usually near the checkout counter. Shoppers may also ask a cashier for assistance if they have difficulty finding the stamps.

Checkout and Payment Options

At checkout, customers can pay for stamps with cash, credit or debit cards, and other available payment methods. The checkout process involves a cashier scanning the stamp booklet and then handling the transaction. Customers should be ready at the checkout counter with their chosen payment method for a quick and efficient purchase.

Pricing and Value

When considering the purchase of stamps at CVS, customers are generally met with consistent pricing to that of the US Post Office. However, they should also be aware of the additional benefits that may come through loyalty programs and rewards.

Comparing Stamp Costs

At CVS, stamps are typically sold in booklets, rather than individually. The cost of a booklet aligns with the face value of stamps sold by the US Postal Service. For example, if the USPS sells a Forever stamp at $0.63, a booklet of 20 at CVS would typically total $12.60. Comparisons illustrate that the prices remain standard, with no additional markup applied by CVS on stamp booklets.

Offers and Rewards

CVS shoppers may enhance the value of their purchase through the ExtraCare program, which can provide access to Extrabucks rewards. These are akin to store credit that can be used on future purchases. Although stamps themselves may not be discounted, accumulating Extrabucks when buying stamps could effectively lower the overall cost for regular CVS customers. Strategic shopping, especially taking advantage of the CVS loyalty program, can result in a perceived discount for those engaged in their rewards system.

Note: Specific rewards and loyalty benefits are subject to change and may vary by location or promotional period.

Alternatives and Considerations

While CVS does provide the convenience of purchasing stamps, consumers should consider various alternatives that may suit their needs differently. This section details other retail options and the benefits of online stamp purchases.

Other Retail Options

In addition to CVS, several other retail stores offer postage stamps for sale. Walmart and Walgreens are nationwide chain stores where customers can typically find stamps at the checkout counter. Target also retails stamps, making it practical for shoppers to buy them alongside their everyday purchases. For those preferring to purchase from a dedicated source, the Post Office is a primary option, offering a range of postal services and stamp denominations.

Online Purchase Advantages

The digital landscape offers benefits for stamp purchasing as well. is a notable online service that caters to stamp sales, providing a platform where customers can buy, print postage, and manage mailing needs from home or office. An array of stamps and shipping supplies is available through Amazon as well, providing a convenient online shopping experience with quick delivery options. Moreover, an online purchase generally allows for a wider selection of stamp designs and the ability to buy in various quantities, which physical retail locations may not always offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some of the common queries regarding the purchase of postage stamps at CVS. It offers clarity on what customers can expect when looking to buy stamps from CVS pharmacy stores.

Can you purchase postage stamps at CVS?

Yes, customers can purchase postage stamps at CVS. They are sold in various denominations, accommodating different mailing needs.

Are envelopes available for sale at CVS along with stamps?

Customers can also find envelopes for sale at CVS, often located near the checkout counter along with stamps for convenience in mailing.

What is the cost of a book of stamps at CVS?

CVS typically sells stamps at the same price as the US Post Office, with a book of stamps, which includes 20 stamps, being the common offering.

Does CVS offer Forever stamps for customers?

Customers can indeed find Forever stamps for sale at CVS, which are USPS stamps that do not lose their value or validity despite postage rate changes.

Are CVS stores a location where you can consistently find postage stamps for sale?

CVS stores are a reliable location to find postage stamps for sale consistently. Their wide network of stores makes it convenient for customers to get stamps along with their other pharmacy goods.

What alternatives are there to CVS for buying stamps in close proximity?

In addition to CVS, there are other retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and Target where customers can purchase postage stamps, providing ample options for those looking for alternatives close by.


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